The Riverside Approach

Riverside is the amalgamation of an approach to learning that is embedded in common sense. It is a vibrant research center for school education, where insights from cutting-edge research are turned into working models of pedagogical practices with a single-minded focus: student wellbeing. Read More

Current Happynings

  • Grade 6 sorting out Goonj collection

  • Key Stage 2 students engrossed in their game of Tag Kabaddi on their Sports Day

  • The boys and girls in Pink - "Pink Panther" - struck a winning note by winning the overall championship of the Key Stage 2 Sports Day

  • Key Stage 2 Sports Day - Different squads

  • aProCh and Kalorex hosted "Street Smart" at Law Garden to celebrate Independence Day

    Aug 15

The growth I’ve seen in my child after she joined Riverside last year has been nothing short of magnificent.

- Sahil Arora, Riverside Parent

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