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Asset Result - Winter 2014

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Grade 7 Overview 2013-14

Grade 7 Hindi Overview 2013-14


15th August, 2013







Dear Parents,

Welcome to the fortnightly highlights. Today the students of grade-7 accompanied their Pre-k buddies for a visit to Kankaria Zoo. Initially their Pre-k buddies were a little intimidated seeing the new space, which had so many animals. They were not ready to leave the teachers, but soon grade 7 made them so comfortable, bending down to their level to show them the animals, taking them on their laps when they got tired and answering to all questions that their little buddies had about the animals and birds. It was a pleasure to see Gr7 being so patient, responsible and making sure that their younger buddies were safe and enjoyed the entire experience.

Through this visit gr 7 also got an opportunity to look into their animal classification and recall all what they learnt under the different phylum.

The academic update for June 

Language Package


  • Introduction to summary writing and the criteria for a good summary.
  • Read an article ‘Telengana : at long last’, where students applied the steps of highlighting the main points and paraphrasing.
  • Students used the highlighted points to write a summary on the article.

Adolescent Reader:

  • Session with Raag Sir looking into our social relationship with each other as a class.
  • Students have started learning about the teen brain – ‘Site under Construction’.
  • Saw a video as a hook
  • Parts of brain and their functions along with diagrams for reference.

(This understanding was developed through article decoding, informative books, viewing video clips, sourcing through links and discussions)


  • Reading and comprehension from chapter 22 from the basal reader.
  • Revisited the three different Kaals (tenses) through a game.
  • Listening and Decoding the lyrics of the song ‘ Aa Chal Ke Thuje Mai Le Ke Chalu’ sung by Kishor Kumar. They highlighted the words and lines that stood out the most and wrote down reasons for the same.
  • Discussed why people celebrate different types of festival and looked into why Independence Day is celebrated.
  • Reflective writing 

Logical Mathematical Thinking:

  • Students are continuing with the properties of triangles. Through hands on activity they investigated:

- The relationship between angles and sides of a triangle

- The relationship between the different sides of a triangle

- The relationship between internal and external angles of a triangle

  • Students are exploring exponents. They have done the conversions from expanded form to compact form (exponential form), scientific notation. We are exploring the properties of exponents.

Scientific thinking:

  • Introduction to non-flowering plants – mosses, ferns, gymnosperm (conifers).
  • Stations were conducted for the students. They revisited the entire animal and plant classification. It was kind of assessment where students demonstrated their understanding using the scientific terminologies.
  • Students created herbarium files in groups. They have represented their understanding of the plant kingdom in these files. A quiz was conducted through the herbarium file as an assessment.
  • The students revisited the steps of scientific thinking in which they observed carefully, hypothesized, experimented, recorded and tried to derive a conclusion. They understood how one could develop a scientific temperament by being mindful of the scientific process.

IT – Scratch

  • Students combined the group mission statements into a class mission statement based on the discussion about 21st century skills and technology fluency. Their final mission statement is: "We will use Scratch to build our fluency in technology and master the tool in order to add value to our school community."
  • Students looked at different games built around academic subjects like math and science. They  ‘saw inside’ the projects to explore their code and spot new blocks that they had not used till now. They build learning strategies that can be used to make such complex games.
  • Students discussed the concept of remixing a project in Scratch and for this, had to give credit to the original creator of a Scratch project. This was an opportunity for peer mentorship and peer teaching the concept of remixing.
  • Understood Scratch as a visual programming language and how the tool gives visual clues like color to make programming easier. They also revisited Scratch specific terminologies like sprite, scripts area, etc.
  • This week, they selected sound palette and created projects to use as many blocks from the sound palette. They referred to the Scratch website to gain an understanding about the same.
  • The students have given their preference for the academic subjects they would like to build games on. Moving forward, they will utilize their foundational knowledge to design a complex game around the chosen subject and work towards mastery in both theoretical and practical knowledge of scratch.


  • Students have created a 'What is Art' strip (for the first term) that has to be entered after every session to find their own authentic vocabulary for art.
  • They observed and interpreted a sculpture and understood how staying with it longer brought forth a number of interesting and surprising interpretations. They also inferred that it’s a movement from the superficial to the profound.
  • After exploration of water- colour techniques they are currently working on a multi layered patchwork. 

For any queries or concerns please feel free to contact us.



Quotable Quotes

"When educating the minds of our youth, we should not forget to educate their hearts."


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