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Asset Result - Winter 2014

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Grade 6 Overview 2013-2014      

Grade 6 Hindi Overview 2013-2014


15th August, 2013

Dear Parents,


Citizenship: The students of grade 6 had already met up with a few buddies at Prabhat last fortnight. In order to meet a few more buddies and to get familiar with all of them, we visited the Maninagar centre and interacted with their buddies from the afternoon batch. They spent a lot of time with them, observing and getting to know them. Our students understood that they, being children, had so much power to create a positive environment there and the students did not want to return home so early. The interaction allowed them to be comfortable with the differences in temperaments of their buddies. We would like to thank all the parents for the support they provided with the transportation.

Logical Thinking Session: The students were given a problem-solving exercise where they had to work out whether it is better to buy a whole bottle of shampoo or use sachets. This helped them realize that decisions need to be taken after considering all factors. The exercise allowed them to logically work out a solution of the choice of bottle or sachet of shampoo for the monthly usage, keeping not just money but other factors in mind.

Under academics, the students have done the following:

Language Package:

  • Comprehension of short story.

        o   Rigor in responding to the expectation of the question.

  • Vocabulary enrichment sessions.
  • Reflective writing after visit to Prabhat.
  • Research on disorders of Prabhat buddies.
  • Comprehension worksheet.
  • Summarising skills – After a task ‘packing for a trip’ students put together the criteria for writing a good summary. They then summarized news articles using the same.
  • Awareness of current affairs.

o   Read three articles on Telangana issue.

o   Looked at the writer’s point of view.

o   Made a note of the language used to convey a point of view.

o  Compare and contrast the articles on the basis of writing style.


  • Review of checkpoint.
  • Video on story of Mahadevi Verma.
  • Vocabulary building
  • Character sketch of Mahadevi Verma.
  • Sentence making through a game.

Logical and Mathematical Thinking

  • Decimal :

o  Recap of basic understanding with rigor through work-stations.

o  Introduction of Conversion of fraction to decimal through the long division method and rigor of the same.

o   Placement of the decimal fractions on the number line

  • Parallel lines:

o  Recap of the patterns of angles formed by parallel lines cut by a transversal

o   Understanding of patterns for finding the measure of the angles.

o   Algebraic thinking and math writing.

  • Logical thinking/problem solving

Scientific Thinking

  • The students came up with presentations in which they used different languages of learning like power point presentations, models, charts, stories, fact files, interviews to present an analogy of cell to any system.
  • Introduction to microscope and its parts.
  • They also had a demonstration of an experiment in which they revisited all the processes of building a scientific temperament. They observed, hypothesized, experimented and derived a conclusion by making connections.


  • This month the students explored different water colour techniques like graded wash, wet to wet, wax resist etc. they used these techniques to paint the leaves they had drawn from life.
  • In a session they observed and interpreted a piece of patchwork. They understood that being with an artwork longer gave them new insights into it. By itself and by listening to others they could make more sense of the art piece. This could help them in other areas as well.
  • To create their own piece of patchwork they will first analyse and experience e.g. a movie one has watched. The vocabulary that emerges will construct the layers of their patchwork piece.

For any further clarifications, kindly get in touch with us.

Warm Regards,

Fozia and Mansi

Quotable Quotes

"When educating the minds of our youth, we should not forget to educate their hearts."


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