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Asset Result - Winter 2014

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Grade 5 Overview 2013 – 14

Grade 5 Hindi Overview 2013 – 14


15th August 2013

Dear Parents,

Assembly Perfomance

The highlight of the fortnight was the fantastic assembly perfomance students came up with.Each  one of them chose an area of their interest and performed with ease and confidence.It was a pleasure to watch them on stage.

Language package


  • Students continued reading authentic articles.
  • They did a reflective writing on their interaction with their buddy class.
  • They were introduced to the idea of print to screen, where we read a book and compare it to the movie, to see how an author’s power of words help us visualise and how the director interpret the same. The book we are reading is The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis.
  • They illustrated one of the character Mr.Tumnus from the book to show their comprehension, using visualisation as a strategy.
  • Students watched first part of the movie adaptation of the book.
  • They compared their illustration with the movie.
  • They identified where the director has used his creative freedom to make the movie.
  • They did comprehension through question & answers.
  • They also did rigour worksheet on adverbs and adjectives to enhance mechanics of writing.


  • Students read and comprehended the lesson Gandhi from Sankalp.
  • They did shurtlekhan to enhance listening skills.
  • They played a game of adjectives and exercise of adverbs to enhance their mechanics.

Logical Mathematical Thinking

  • We analysed the data in the 360 report and devised strategies for the class.
  • Geometry was introduced. The concept of line, ray and segment is done. The students are encouraged to use the instruments in the geometry box. The students are exploring angles around them. They are learning to use the protractor to draw and measure the angles.
  • We are interpreting the data from the news papers about the IAAF Championship 2013. The students recorded the time taken by each of them to complete 100 m run. This enabled them to understand the need of time units less than second (centi second).
  • Mental Maths: Regular mental math drill is done in the class.
  • Mindspark:  Time in measurement has been activated.

Scientific Thinking

  • We reviewed the checkpoint.
  • The students analysed the average temperature of four cities in the month of June and December.
  • They concluded that the cities located in the coastal areas have milder summers and winters and the nearness to ocean/sea is a factor that affects climate.
  • Now we are exploring and investigating how heat transfers in solids and liquids through hands on activities, personifications and experiments.
  • We have done the scientific investigation for conduction.


  • Students read the Child Rights Manual.
  • They showcased their understanding of each of the 12 rights given in the manual through illustrations and discussions.
  • They understood that every Right has a Duty.
  • Students formulated Rights and Duties that they should have/ perform in the class in the form of a Manual.


  • Children moved ahead to learn the water colour techniques like graded wash, wax resisit,wet to wet etc.
  • They have created a 'What is Art' strip (for the first term) that has to be entered after every session to find their own authentic vocabulary for art. Earlier they had observed and interpreted an art piece of layered patchwork. The interpretations ranged from a top view of a township to citizenship.
  • Presently the work has started to create a multi layered patchwork piece with paper.
  • Like Zentangles, Patchwork also asks for precision and focus.


  • Recap of PowerPoint and Movie maker.
  • Made a movie using pictures

We will be glad to attend to any queries or clarifications.


Sulekha, Aruna




Quotable Quotes

"When educating the minds of our youth, we should not forget to educate their hearts."


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