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Asset Result - Winter 2014

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Overview Grade 3: 2013-2014

Overview Grade 3 Hindi: 2013-2014


15th August 2013

Dear Parents,

We are proud to present the first update written and typed by students of Grade 3. We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed writing it.

The Highlights for the past fortnight

(Written by Saumya, Nargis, Joey and Harshvardhan)

Buddy Interaction- This time the Buddy Interaction was a huge success. We made the jewellery pieces again because we were not prepared and organized last time we had the buddy interaction. This time, we started preparing two days before Buddy Interaction because we needed to practice knotting. We learnt knotting and we sorted the beads. We worked according to the feedback given by our teachers and our buddies.

Math workshop-We were happy that you came to the 'How to Math workshop'. In the workshop our teachers showed you how to do math at home, when we are doing rigor.

Visit-We visited the slum and saw how people live there. We experienced how people live with less things and small houses.

We went to Relience Fresh to see Math around us. We understood that math is all around us and we use it on a daily basis.

We met Kiran ma’am. We were struggling with completing our food. She arranged us in groups where we came up with strategies to complete our food. Now we complete our food quickly. She also gave us a challenge for the children coming for the BTC conference. We worked out our Best case scenario. It is that the Children will go happy and would want to come again to Riverside.

Language Package:


(Written by Radha, Garv, Niharika and Mansi)

  • We wrote a written component on ''Rainy day''.
  • Read aloud helps us improve in fluency, clarity and intonation, we got feedback from our peers and teachers.
  • We learnt from the book of ''The Incredible Book Eating Boy'' by Oliver Jeffers that too much of anything is not good.
  • We have been doing Data Interpretation using food packets and we understood that Data is everywhere. We did a worksheet to show our understanding.
  • Reading the newspaper to build awareness.
  • We have written this update to you.


(Written by Rani, Raj and Ashutosh)

  • We listen to a song ''nanha munna rahi hun'' and comprehended it.
  • We also did questions and answers after that.
  • We read aloud a chapter and a poem from the Sankalp book.
  • We read a story and answered questions of it.

Logical Mathematical Thinking

(Written by Arsh, Suryaja, Mayank, Sraj)

  • Reviewed check point-we had to check and understand our mistakes.
  • Visit-we went to Reliance fresh and got to know data is all around us and calculation is important wherever we go.
  • Word situation-We wrote our own word situation which help us to calculate better and properly.
  • We studied bills closely and understood the elements of a bill.

Scientific Thinking:

(Written by Aashvi, Sudena and Amira)


  • This week we have learnt the common properties of reptiles.
  • Video- We watched a video on reptiles and its characteristics.
  • We read books of reptiles to know more about them.
  • We also looked at common characteristics of all the categories.


  • We had an experiment with Aruna ma’am and Mansi ma’am, where we rolled the ball on three different surfaces.
  • We observed the rolling of the ball and gave our reasons about it.
  • We noted our readings for the experiment.
  • We finally came to a conclusion that the speed of the ball will differ on different surfaces.


(Written by Tanyaa, Dhvanit, Priam, Khawaish and Prachi)

  • We learnt to draw a box on the paper
  • We wrote about what is art
  • We interpreted a painting.


  • We practiced typing tutor.
  • We learnt to paint on the computer.
  • We learnt basic MS Word skills.

For further queries please feel free to get in touch with us via e-mail, sms or a phone call.

Warm regards,

Hetal and Mira


Quotable Quotes

"When educating the minds of our youth, we should not forget to educate their hearts."


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