Student Initiatives

March 2017 - Grade 3 (Citizenship Programme)

As a culmination of Grade 3's Citizenship Programme, they gifted 2300 kgs of Dal to Akshaya Patra Foundation

Dec. 2016 - Key Stage 3 (Citizenship programme)

As part of their Persistence Programme - Heal, Key Stage 3 Students, spend quality time with Pediatric Cancer Patients

Oct. 2016 - Key Stage 3 (Citizenship programme)

For their Citizenship Programme, Students visited a Suvarna mandir old age home. They played different games and spent time with grandparents.

Sep. 2016 - Grade 3 visited a Municipal School

For their Citizenship Programme of Akshaya Patra, Grade 3 visited a Municipal School to take the average weight and height of the students

Aug. 2016 - Grade 6 lead the Collect drive for Goonj for Flood Relief

Here they are sorting the material received in order to pack and transport it to Delhi

Feb. 2016 - Grade 6 citizenship programme

Feb. 2016 - Prabhat visits Riverside

Sep. 2015 - Grade 5 citizenship programme

Sep. 2015 - Students of grade 5 undergoes child labour experience as a part of citizenship programme.

August 2015 - Grade 3 citizenship programme

August 2015 - Visit to Akshay Patra

August 2015 - Grade 6 citizenship programme

August 2015 - Grade 6 Citizenship - Visiting homes of Prabhat buddies

July 2015 - Grade 4 citizenship programme-Gurudwara experience

July 2015 - Grade 4 children engaged in the true spirit of "Seva" during their visit to a Gurudwara as part of their Citizenship Programme.

Sep. 2014 - Visit to Akshay Patra

Sep. 2014 - Visit to Akshay Patra