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Asset Result - Winter 2014

IGCSE Curriculum Link
Science – Reference material for Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Useful Websites for Chemistry

The websites listed below are useful resources to help you study for your Chemistry IGCSE.
IGCSE Bitesize Chemistry
A secondary revision source for GCSE examinations. There is limited coverage of the IGCSE Chemistry syllabus. The site contains revision material, tests and SOS teacher. The site also gives references to other relevant websites.
There are two versions: 56kb and broadband.
IGCSE Chemistry
This is part of the UK’s National Curriculum On line. The site is used in 110 countries and has up to one million hits a day. It is approved by UK Government, the USA National Science Teachers Association and others. The content is good and offers comprehensive coverage of GCSE chemistry. This is a membership site – e-mail to find out how to register. There is limited access to non-members.
S-cool! GCSE Chemistry Revision Guide
This site is more than a revision guide can be used to complement your learning.
Doc Brown’s GCSE Chemistry
The site contains lots of relevant material which can be accessed through the global website or as individual websites through a search engine. This is an excellent route to studying or revising topic by topic.
Revision Time
This site gives references to 15 other relevant websites
Useful Websites for English
The websites listed below are useful resources to help you study for your IGCSE First Language English.
Is free sample from Q&A Resources. It is taken from a 30+-page Study Guide, specifically tailored to CIE First Language English, available for purchase.
Is the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online. It is up-to-date and free to use.
Is an excellent free site with lots of grammar and language exercises you can try out to test yourself!
Is the Grammar Slammer site, which explains the rules of English grammar and usage with examples.
Is a site with many useful examples of argumentative and discursive writing. It would also provide possible topics for coursework assignments.
Is the BBC Bitesize website which contains many exercises and activities. Although aimed at home-board GCSE candidates, many parts are relevant to First Language IGCSE tasks.
Other general English GCSE revision sites which are relevant (at least in part) are:

Useful Websites for Physics
Below is a list of useful websites for IGCSE Physics.
An excellent site from the Institute of Physics that is designed for teachers but will be of interest to students also.
A site for students and teachers with explanations, diagrams, experiments, problems and an ‘at a glance’ revision section.
This is a subscription site.
A very good site for anyone who is curious about science. The name sums it up – it’s about how stuff works!
Interactive site: (Math and Science)
Useful Websites for Business Studies
The websites listed below are useful resources to help you study for your Business Studies IGCSE.
100 business case studies
This is excellent for case study information and also has questions on the case studies. There is an index to help search for particular topics. However, they are usually UK based examples.
An excellent revision site that contains revision notes and questions at GCSE/IGCSE level. This is well worth a visit.
This site was set up for UK A level business studies and economics students. It contains company facts about UK companies. It has useful sections for IGCSE Business studies students as well but you need to be aware that some concepts on the site are aimed at A level students.
Contains a variety of free business studies resources and links to other sites.
There is a lot of information and many links to other sites. It contains resources, revision, essay plans etc. There are extensive free online resources for students and teachers available.
This site provides simple explanations of terms, quizzes as well as many useful links to other revision sites.
Useful Websites for Economics
The websites listed below are useful resources to help you study for your Economics IGCSE.
This is probably one of the best of the various internet sites that are currently available for students of Economics. It provides a great deal of information on a wide range of topics and one section that is particularly useful is a range of revision notes on different areas of the syllabus. There are also a number of essay plans on different topics and there is an active forum and advice section, as well as regular news updates.
This is a particularly useful site if you are looking for up-to-date facts about various companies, prepared by the companies themselves but with students in mind. It also offers a range of learning materials that will be useful across all areas of the syllabus. It has a number of virtual reality exercises in the Virtual Worlds section of the site, including Virtual Economy, Virtual Factory and Virtual Developing Country. You should enjoy working through these.
This is one of the better websites, providing quite a lot of useful information for Economics students. It covers a large number of topic areas and has revision advice on each of these. It is primarily aimed at A Level Economics students, but there is much that will be of use to IGCSE students.
This is the website of the BBC and is updated regularly. There is a menu on the left hand side of the home page; you just need to click on ‘Economics’. It provides convenient links to a wide range of related sites.
This site is especially useful if up-to-date economic information is required on such topics as employment, productivity and inflation. It is primarily concerned with statistics that relate to the UK economy.
This is the site to go to if you want up-to-date information about any country in the world. When the home page comes up, you need to click on ‘World Factbook’; it is on the right hand side under ‘Quick Links’. This will then give you a drop down menu, ‘Select a Country or Location’; you then just click on whichever country you need information about. The information is very detailed and is updated on a regular basis.
This site is very useful for information concerning monetary policy, such as decisions about interest rates. The Bank of England will focus on UK matters, but each central bank in the world is likely to have its own site. You will need to find out what is the website for the central bank of your country.
This is the website of the Institute for Fiscal Studies. It covers a range of issues related to fiscal policy, but tends to be focused mainly on the UK.
This website is a useful source of information about economic developments in various parts of the world.
This is the site of the International Monetary Fund and it is also a particularly useful site for obtaining information about different countries. Its annual World Economic Outlook is a good source of information.
The United Nations website has economic data on all of its member countries.
This is the site of the World Trade Organisation and it is extremely useful for gaining information about different countries, especially in relation to their trading relationships with each other.
There are many magazines and newspapers with websites which will be particularly helpful in gaining up-to-date information about Economics. This is one of the better sites and contains some very good articles, covering all parts of the world, which will help you to consider the application of economic theories to particular events and issues. You should also look at the websites of the most important newspapers and magazines in your own country.